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nobody really messing with his hands. he just missed it. >> al: and with that the cowboys stay alive on second and ten. play clock at zero. as he gets it away. landry would have had a pick. a receiver blasting in front of him. and he can't make the pick. so it is third down and ten. >> cris: i think you have a rookie mistake coming. a blitz coming off this side. dez bryant didn't recognize it. didn't turn around. almost cost tony romo an interception. a good young player, but a young player. just about made a huge mistake there. >> al: very wide to the left. austin comes out of the slot. rolling to the right side and that is incomplete.
11:31 pm
it will be fourth down. as he called bryant's number. 19 seconds. hall with the coverage. >> cris: ball game right here. i think we are going to see a blitz by the redskins. i think we are going to see them try and force a hop, maybe go to dez bryant's side. try and make the tackle. you can give them a completion as long as you tackle them. >> al: williams and austin left, bryant right. and it is caught over the middle and getting down to the 12 yard line is austin and a time-out with 11 seconds remaining. >> referee: time-out. dallas. their second time-out. 30-second time-out. >> al: 31 huge yards.
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>> cris: unbelievable mistake. completely blown coverage on the outside. nobody ends up covering miles austin. they come on the blitz. somebody completely blows the assignment and here we go. >> al: austin come out of the slot. austin tonight, ten catches, 146 yards. >> cris: well it is the cowboys and the redskins. i don't know what is going on here. >> al: low ceiling. and the game on the line with 12 seconds left. >> cris: the cowboys have a time-out so they can throw it underneath if they want to. >> al: four-man rush.
11:33 pm
romo. intended for williams. eight seconds. still time to throw it underneath if they have to and take a time-out. >> cris: here is the thing you have to keep in mind, al. is that as a defense now if you catch the ball short of the goal line, your goal is no longer to get the guy on the ground. you want to try and wrap him up hold him up, let that clock tick. we've seen it happen before. as a receiver you have to know if you catch it short of the goal line, you have to get down and call that time-out. >> al: 11th play of the drive. and that is incomplete. so they are down to one play. ogletree's number there. he is only in for a limited number of plays. and romo can't get it to him. so it comes down to this.
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barring a defensive foul. williams and ogletree left. austin and bryant right. and the cowboys take a time-out. >> referee: cowboys time-out. >> al: might as well use it. >> cris: i think the redskins and the cowboys rivalry is back. >> al: i'll say. >> cris: i think mike shanahan is thinking about his year off playing golf and relaxing out there. he said it was kind of boring anyway. you forget even if i have a chance to play golf, everybody else is working. >> al: he said i was able to sit at home and watch games as a fan. which is something he has never been able to do. he played or coach all of his
11:35 pm
adult life. he had the opportunity. he would be enjoying this one a lot more as a fan sitting on the coach at home than right now. >> cris: the redskins paid a price for their last blitz. they have been playing in a soft zone back around the goal line. probably what you are going to get again. i don't think they want to leave miles austin in one-on-one coverage again. >> cris: they have a lot of confusion. no time-out left. everybody is messed up. they are going the wrong direction. people are asking questions. how can you screw this up after a time-out. >> al: you have austin wide to the left. williams in the slot to the left. romo under pressure. they nearly get him and he hits williams and a flag down at the
11:36 pm
20 yard line. a marker down at the 20. williams doesn't know about it. it is a hold against dallas. >> referee: delay of game. the game is over. >> al: i think he said 71. >> cris: he tackled him. he wrapped both arms around the defender and put his arm around his neck. unbelievable. right out here. look at it. both arms go outside orakpo. now a wrap around the neck. game, set and match. marc colombo, get well soon. >> al: you talked about it at the very top of the game. reconstructed and revamped cowboy offensive line. in the end it is a killer. it is a killer on the holding call.
11:37 pm
it is a killer at the end of the first half, both halves end with disastrous results for the dallas cowboys. >> cris: how many mistakes can the dallas cowboys make tonight? >> al: too many. >> cris: wow. >> al: and the shanahan, mcnabb and the haslett era because of the defense tonight of the washington redskins. starts with a 13-7 redskin victory. with the low ceiling at fedex field. >> cris: i'm not sure alex barron is on the team by the time the plane lands. right over here, going against orakpo. that is a hold already. that is for sure a hold.
11:38 pm
referee is staring right at you. believe me, they don't like to make calls on the last play of the game but had no choice there. there is a hold. there is a hold. wow. tony romo was brilliant on that play. escapes, found roy williams. roy williams probably thinking, why me? >> al: gillette post game report, bob costas, tony and mike back in new york. andrea has an interview all next on the gillette post game report. coming right up. first these messages from your local nbc station. chevy chase bank is becoming capital
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well, over the last five years alex barron has been the most penalized player in the national football league. this perhaps the most costly one of his entire career. holding brian orakpo on the game's last play.
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the touchdown is nullified. they don't get to move it back. game ends on the offensive penalty as time expires and the redskins hold on to win. the game was all about the last play at the end of the second half and the last play at the end of the first half. the last play at the end of the first half deangelo hall picking up a fumble and running it in for a touchdown. he is down stairs with andrea kremer, donovan mcnabb is with them as well. >> andrea: deangelo, what was that last drive like? >> it was intense. we have been practicing situations like that in training camp. we have donovan mcnabb on the team. he has the side working. any time the defense has a chance to win the game that is what we want. >> andrea: you had the biggest play of the game. four seconds left. tashard choice fumbles. what were you think something. >> i just tried to strip the
11:42 pm
ball and took it to the house. >> andrea: this is a very different redskins team under mike shanahan. what does this say about the redskins tonight? >> we are thrilled. a lot of people might not give us a chance but we are going to come out and work. that is what mike shanahan coached teams do. we work to the fourth quarter. >> andrea: thanks very much. what was your first game like in a redskin uniform. nice ending. >> you know it is exciting. any time you play against the dallas cowboys. this is a big-time rivalry. we came out with a lot of energy. you have to give credit to our fans. they started about 12:00 when the gates open. their energy level continued to be contagious. we made plays and got drives. each time we were in the red zone. when you have a defense like that, you want to get your guys in good field position and watch them work. >> andrea: you are used to a great defense from philadelphia.
11:43 pm
what was it like to stand on the sidelines and watch that last drive? >> i hope we don't have too many more of those. jim haslett has got those guys prepared. it was a great week of practice. our special teams got us good field position. mike shanahan, to work hard, the game is played during the week. we step out on sunday or monday. that is something i try to express to the guys. >> andrea: what do you think you need to get your offense on track. >> we have to eliminate the mistakes. miscues from myself or any other guys. we have to eliminate that. we had many opportunities today to get first downs, possibly to score touchdowns. we have to watch the films, being critical. come back next week and look the same. >> andrea, thanks. let's swing things to new york. we are joined by coach tony dungy. the game basically ends on the
11:44 pm
last play of the game and the last play of the first half. let's go in inverse order. back end first. last play of the game. the holding call that snuffs out the cowboys' last chance. >> we talked about it on the pregame show. the one unsettled spot for the cowboys was their offensive line, especially their two tackles. i thought jim haslett did a great job of applying pressure and it showed up with alex barron on the last play. >> how about the last play of the first half where the cowboys who had called time-outs when the redskins had possession in order to get a crack at it with less than a minute to go. we are in the waning seconds. i guess you would prefer they take a knee and head to the lock ir room. >> definitely, bob. they had to take a knee. they had a holding pent that wiped out a gain. they are back at the 36 yard line. there is no way you are going to score from there. the only thing that is going to happen to you is something bad.
11:45 pm
you have to take a knee. >> the fumble, deangelo hall picks it up and scoots into the end zone for the touchdown. >> there was no upside. you are not going to throw a 66-yard touchdown pass at that point and you don't have any time left on the clock. just go in, take the knee and don't give yourself an opportunity for disaster. >> coach, thanks very much. we are turning to mike florio of pro football talk on among the topics everybody is talking about, the call that went across the lions and calvin johnson against the bears. mike, what do you got? >> bob, you hit on it at halftime. this is a rule that needs to change. this is a rule on the league's radar screen. last year in week one, monday night game the rule applied. multiple times this rule came up. there was confusion.
11:46 pm
the league office admitted in an effort to clarify it for the officials it confused the officials more. the competition committee considered it and did not change it. this rule needs to change because to the average fan it makes no sense. >> sometimes you need a high-profile situation to spur change. it may be discussed behind the scenes and then you get something like this that everybody is talking about. maybe that is the impetus of the change. >> that's right. it did happen in the super bowl. if the colts tied that game up, the saint won it on a field goal, that two-point conversion try might have been the thing to change it. it wasn't an issue once the interception happened. it is something that needs to get changed eventually. >> what about injuries, matt stafford, kevin kolb. >> matt stafford has a sprain of
11:47 pm
the ac joint. kevin kolb has a concussion. the procedures kick in. we don't know when kevin kolb will be back. players suffered concussions last week and missed multiple weeks. bob sanders, with a guy with many injuries over the past few years. he is saying nothing. the team is saying nothing. when the team and the player is saying nothing there may be something going on. >> you can check mike out on pro football talk on all the latest nfl news delivered in mike's own style. the redskins beat the cowboys at fedex field. back to al and cris to wrap things up after this. woow! hey man, how ya doin'? how's your shave? kinda like tuggin' and pullin'. see how shaving can cause irritating tug and pull? [ male announcer ] that's why gillette's introducing the revolutionary new fusion proglide. it glides... like literally. [ male announcer ] now, fusion proglide has been engineered with gillette's thinnest blades ever so it glides for
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the play of the game could be either play to end each half. the last play of the game. tony romo, three seconds left. it is all or nothing. he is able to scramble. roy williams comes across the formation. a clear cut hold by alex barron that negates the play and a victory for the washington redskins. >> a couple of things, orakpo was moved to alex barron's side
11:50 pm
specifically so they could put the redskins' best player on their worst offensive lineman. you have to tell it exactly like it is. donovan saw the flag and understood instead of a last second loss, it was a last-second win. what a week it has been. this has been fun. >> no way you could have figured this one. the shanahan era. mcnabb comes over and the next thing you know you have a 13-7 game basically decided by that call at the end of the game and the play at the end of the first half. >> you have to think of what this does within the division. the cowboys were the clear cut favorite. there were issues in the course of preseason. does that matter? tonight we found out it sure did. >> next week we are in indianapolis. the second meeting between peyton manning and eli manning.
11:51 pm
peyton gets off to an 0-1 start despite 400 yards. the houston texans are probably for real. they win in texas. the giant stumble and staggered through the first half and got it together and won the game. >> the giant, what you have to figure out with them is their defense improved. they were so bad a season ago. if you want to be tested, go to indianapolis. >> that is a good test. as i said, the second only meeting between the mannings which is next sunday night. we'll see you then. that is the story from fedex field. next sunday night football night in america. the giant and the colts. coming up next your late local news. -- captions by vitac --
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a season opener with the arch themmiouses. shanahan and mcnabb. they do not get much bigger than today's redskins and cowboy games. you know what? it was not pretty, but wins don't have-to-be. >> and long-time redskins fans that did not want to go to work tomorrow because of the teasing that sometimes comes with the games but they can go to work tomorrow with their head held high. >> melvin, call it lucky or ugly, and it doesn't matter. 13-7, the final.
11:55 pm
what an emotional roller coaster it was. anybody watching the waning seconds of the game, you think, huh-uh redskins lose, here we go again, but they win. >> when you look back at donovan's track record the last three times he faced the cowboys he has lost. the first win he gets in four games against dallas as the redskins quarterback. >> let's take a look at some of the highlights here. the first game for shanahan as the head coach of the redskins. dallas trying to basically run out of clock. great play by deangelo hall. and then he scoops and scores. 32-yard fumble return for the touchdown with the flip as the cherry on top. the skins take a 10-0 lead into the locker room at half-time. >> but the cowboys had a final
11:56 pm
chance. we go to three seconds left in the ball game. the cowboys trailed 13-7. romo connects with williams. it could have been a touchdown but there was a flag on the play. a holding penalty on the cowboys because of the call. the redskins beat dallas, 13-7. here is mike shanahan after the game. >> it was a nice team win. you know as i told our players, i said, sometimes the offense will play good and other times the defense on special teams, but at the end of the day you have to find a way to win and that's what we did today. i thought the crowd was a huge part of the win. you could -- they could hardly hear the snap count. i thought we had a big advantage there, relative to the crowd noise. very pleased with our team. >> mike shanahan walked off the field to a crowd of cheers. that was a cool moment to witness as he walks underneath the tunnel. >> yeah had to feel good.
11:57 pm
hail to the redskins played as they walked off. we will have plenty more from fedex field coming up in sports. >> thank you so much. from the daurama on the field to the drama in the stands and to the parking lot. we have more on how the fans felt today and how they are feeling now. >> reporter: it's a wild party. fireworks going off. and fans are piling out excited after an amazing win. can you see they are jumping in the shot here. it's amazing they have energy left. they have been out here all day tailgating, since the gates opened at 12:00. the party got started early, as fans began flowing into the parking lot eight hours before game time. >> i woke up at 6:00, and called him, dude let's go and get jacked, it's game time. >> by 5:00, every inch outside the stadium was jam packed with tents, buses, and even a deejay
11:58 pm
pumping up the crowd. >> to be a red skin, it's like wearing red and gold all the way through, and i mean all the way through, and i am talking about every day you live and breathe -- >> cowboy fans were just as passionate, but certainly out numbered. >> i am here regardless. >> reporter: but the tailgate rivalry comes down to the food. >> golden brown. nbc, that's golden brown chicken. i am with him and he is a great cook, but if you want a redskins tailgate, go here. >> reporter: is this a redskins tailgate. >> yes. >> reporter: what do you have on the grill? >> chicken, shrimp. >> that is good. >> that is good. >> that's a redskins fan.
11:59 pm
>> reporter: they call it frenldly competition, on the field it's a whole different story. >> got a real good quarterback and a new coach, and i think they will go. >> reporter: to the super bowl? >> yeah, no doubt. mcnabb will get on a role and won't stop. >> reporter: well that super bowl talk will pick up after this win. next up, houston. let's see if they can keep it at 2-0. craig, back to you in the studio. right now, police on the scene of an apparent home invasion and murder. it's happening on field master drive in springfield. police say just after 10:00 tonight they found a man shot to death. they are searching the area for suspects right now. we are told we will continue to follow the breaking news, and of course we will bring you updates as they become available. just days before key primary elections, local candidates are accusing a powerful union of using thuggish campaign tactics.
12:00 am
prince george's county lawmakers say service employees international union is slamming them even though the union also endorsed one of the candidates. darcy spencer has this story. >> nobody is saying the mailers are illegal, and some are saying they are unfair, because some candidates are being attacked and don't have the money to fight back. the mailers are changing the face of politics in prince georges county and not in a good way. the mailers are attacking some candidates running for office, including sheriff michael jackson who is running for county executive. the mailers criticize him and his department over the shooting of two dogs during a drug raid two years ago. >> we are hoping it incites voters. >> reporter: 1199 represents
12:01 am
hospital workers in prince georges county. the $200,000 ad campaign is critical of those who have not worked strongly to solve the problem of the county's struggling hospital system. >> i think they are terrible and it distorted the political process. >> reporter: this man was endorsed by the union but now criticizing sciu, and says most candidates don't have the funds to fight back. >> they are behaving in a sluggish fashion. they are creating the negative impressions and you can't compete with that. >> david harrington is a target of the flyers. they accuse him of negligent and turning his back on the happen. he says i am stunned sciu has begun to the great lengths when i have been the champion of labor. he called the ak sigsccusations totally false. and he is returning the $1,000
12:02 am
contribution to his campaign. we were not able to reach anybody with the union this evening through phone calls and e-mail. and the principles georges county primary is being held next week. and two people were attacked at a festival. officers ran to break up a fight between two dogs on 18th street northwest. police say one of the dogs a rottweiler somehow got away and bit a man at the festival. when an officer tried to restrain the dog, it bit the officer, too. that's when the police shot and killed the dog so far. no charges have been filed. home video of what witnesses describe as held on earth. a dramatic new look at the deadly gas explosion in california. plus, some new research suggests the possible cancer risk in the pool. we will talk about that. plus, kanye west and taylor
12:03 am
swift, both back at the vma's. and we did have rain coming down earlier, and now leading to fog. dense fog, and if you were watching the game you saw the fog as the game was ending. host: could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? was abe lincoln honest? mary: does this dress make my backside look big? abe: perhaps...
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